Relationships as a Source of Importance

Before Twitter.

I was an early adopter of myYahoo.  I built highly organized tabbed pages on all things that were important to me.  It didn’t bother me at the time that I had to decide what was important to me.  In fact, I felt empowered that I got to decide rather than some pre-historic layout editor deciding for me.  This was revolutionary for our industry.

My tabbed pages included included headline news, business news, technology news, news on specific companies including their stock price, score of my favorite sports teams, weather in locations that I frequent or where business friends live, and some cartoons.  My myYahooo page became habitual.  I would look at it once a day – either first thing in the morning or last thing before signing off.  It was embedded in my daily routine.   It was the tool that answered the question, “what is going on around me that I care about”?  It was the ultimate of what Yahoo wants to accomplish with their information services.

After Twitter.

Well, I just realized that myYahoo is no longer habitual.  I only go there now for Yahoo Finance where I have nicely organized portfolios of every public company in every software industry segment.  Yahoo Finance still does a great job with drill down into public company specifics.

Twitter is the new habit that has replaced myYahoo as the information service that answers the question “whats going on around me?”.  And unlike myYahoo, I don’t even have to decide the topics or sources.  I just follow people in Twitter from a variety of different disciplines whose opinions and insights I value.  That is so simple and easy.  So as they tweet on topics important to them, those same topics are likely to be important to me.  I feel better informed now using this service than I was previously using myYahoo.

Given the success of Twitter, and my own experience of willingly delegating “importance” to those that I follow, I have to conclude that relationships are a better source of importance than my own judgment.

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