Stories about Someday

Someday stories…

8 responses to “Stories about Someday

  1. Someday I’m going to be a flight instructor… someday.


  2. Someday I will start writing the book in my head … will it be today (!) – Thanks Bill, I am going to try and start today ….


  3. The other aspect to “someday” is that your tomorrows eventually run out.


  4. Ra Hamilton-Burns

    Hi Bill
    This one struck a cord right across the Atlantic. Since reading this – I moved on work wise to the role I hoped to get someday! Simon and I got the church blessing – we were planning for someday … and this weekend we took delivery of our new VW camper van that we dreamed of getting someday …
    tired, skint but feeling somehow more content that each today counts … thanks for being my bus driver from all those miles away 🙂


  5. Someday I’m going to buy that tee shirt.


  6. While attending the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD we were in a small gift shop near Annopolis and I saw such a T-shirt with that saying and a back packer on it. Thinking that I would see many of them (the saying is so profound) I did not buy it only to learn that they can’t be found anywhere in New Mexico (my home state) or on the internet! To this day I regret not making that purchase.


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