Angel Investing

I’ve made around 15 small angel round investments.  Some via Ohio Tech Angels and some on my own.  Angel investing is like Moneyball in baseball.  You must take a minimum of ten trips to the plate.  For every ten, expect to strike out five times, hit 1-3 singles, hit 0-1 doubles or triples, and 1 home run.   So, every investment must be screened to be a home run – a 10x return.  Some recent investments are…

  • Complion – clinical trial record keeping for clinical research sites
  • MentorclIQ – corporate employee mentoring software app
  • TNEDICCA – location-based crash intelligence for the insurance industry
  • Popcom – vending technology for the future of retail.  And my first crowdfunding experience.

In angel investing, you win or learn.  You never loose and there are no regrets.  Here are a few lessons I have learned…

Sector Business Lesson Learned
Healthcare Harvesting pluripotent stem cells from wisdom teeth Co-founder alignment
Energy Manufacturing eco coal briquettes from above-ground coal fines and bio waste Co-founder alignment
Martech Influencer marketing Over-communicate pivots to investors.  Or avoid pivots with more MVP testing before investment.
IT Enterprise video training platform More MVP testing before investment
IT Sales productivity tool Slow end user adoption due to their reqd behavior changes.