A few things I am passionate about…

  • Lake Erie. I love Lake Erie and spend lots of time at Gem Beach on Catawba Island.  The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater body on our planet.  It was the economic engine of the heartland when our country was founded.  It still is.
  • Old Women Creek National Estuary Reserve.  My wife and I are stream monitors at two sites that feed the Old Women Creek watershed.  Once a month, we do field testing on the water, collect samples, and upload all that data.  At the end of the year, every site is graded based on the health of the water.  That report card is here.  Our two sites both received failing grades.
  • Soap Box Derby.  Soap Box Derby uniquely sits at the intersection of STEM, family, and competition.  I help families get started racing with club, loaner, or used cars.  Open to boys and girls ages 7-18.  Columbus is blessed with one of the finest derby facilities in the country, at Big Run Park off Georgesville Road.  Learn more at columbus.soapboxderby.org.