I provide consulting services individually and in partnership with Priiva Consulting and Verisei International.  Primary specialties are…

  • Strategy Development and Optimization. Improve strategic decision making and optimize scenario outcomes through a deep understanding of competitive response. That is, your strategy decisions are inter-dependent on the moves of others.  You can learn more about Priiva’s game-theory based methodology here on my site or at
  • Strategy Retreat Facilitation. I feel your pain of sitting through bad retreat sessions. On one extreme its death-by-powerpoint from every stakeholder. On the other, its team building by climbing trees. Change that incorporating a Priiva game model where stakeholders reverse-engineer and role-play the strategy of each player in your eco-system.
  • Launch CEO. I took the reins of RealWeld Systems, a startup idea being spun-out from a research organization. My deliverable was to either an acquisition or a well-running company with my permanent replacement in the saddle.  Indeed, we were acquired before I hired my replacement.
  • Exit Planning. I assisted the founders at Bearware align their personal objectives with those at the business. We then embarked on a four-year plan to grow and position the company for acquisition, which ultimately occurred by Descartes.
  • Competitive Mapping.  Perhaps the most under-appreciated strategic tool is the construction of two-dimensional map(s) to visualize your broader eco-system and stimulate debate on the most likely adjacency moves being made by those on your periphery.  Are they coming for your turf? Or not just yet?

Here are some of my posts about strategy process and development…