First Post! Welcome.

Welcome to There is No Someday. If you have ever started a sentence with “Someday, …”, then this blog is for you.

This past year, I eliminated one of my Somedays by starting a second career. I had spent 29 years in enterprise software and was ready for a change. I didn’t complain (much) during those 29 years. And if I did, it was about traveling so much and missing my family. I couldn’t have asked for a better 29 years. I was fortunate to begin my career as a senior in college with some visionaries at Battelle who developed software to support research and library environments. We had some very nice success in the early eighties. Our software ran well on Digital’s VAX computer system and lots of research departments shunned mainframes and bought VAXs in that era. We were a commercialization darling of Battelle who spun us out as a wholly owned subsidiary Information Dimensions, Inc. (IDI).

We mostly hired kids right out of college. Mix young enthusiasm X right product X right time and you get an incredible result. The eighties were an awesome ride upward. But when Digital smashed into a brick wall in 1990, IDI caught its own turbulence of tough times and ownership changes before eventually joining forces with Open Text Corporation in 1998 which allowed employees and customers to take another ride upward. From that time, the growth oriented Open Text grew from $60M to $1B. That was a lot of fun and I feel blessed to have had such a great opportunity provided to me.

Nevertheless, the itch to try something new and revolutionary prevailed, and my career change is now in full gear. I am a strategy consultant for Priiva, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in applying game theory to decision-making. I am focused on finding companies facing huge decisions yet lacking a robust decision process. Hopefully, I’ll find most of those companies here in Ohio and I’ll loose my Super Platinum Elite United Marriott status.

My ambition for this blog is to share my experiences in strategy and planning, both in business and personal life, that might help companies, families, friends, or individuals eliminate a Someday or two of their own.

4 responses to “First Post! Welcome.

  1. For ages I was telling myself: Someday I will get Bill to blog and share. Looking forward to many great stories and insights.

    The team at is definitely grateful that you helped to eliminate one of our Somedays.


  2. Bill you are a strong leader and I enjoyed getting to know you while at Open Text. It is great that you are sharing your experience and insights as you take on this venture. Congratulations on the new chapter in your life – it is certain to be a success – like all that you’ve been involved with so far. I’m looking forward to your blog!


  3. Looking forward to more! Thanks for the link.


  4. Bill, as someone who encouraged you to someday blog about your ideas and experiences, it’s great to see you’ve now taken this step. I look forward to reading future posts.


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